Using the LiveSlide® microscope slide is easy. Simply follow these directions.

1. A LiveSlide® set contains 3 pieces, the base slide and a set of coverslips, all of which are reusable.

2. The 2 coverslips are different thicknesses. One is very thin, perfect for high magnification. The second is a bit thicker for all applications.

3. Each coverslip has a thin plastic film on each side for protection, one green and one clear. Remove both films by either peeling the film off or using a small piece of tape on the corner and lifting. Discard the films.

4. Gather your collected specimens.

5. Place the desired number of specimen droplets in the wells on the base slide.

6. Gently place the coverslip over the culture well.

7. Place the LiveSlide® on a microscope stage or under a digital microscope and enjoy exploring the magnified world.

8. Rinse with warm water. Let it air dry. After dry, store for future observation.

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